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Lady beetles, which are sometimes called ladybugs or lady bird beetles, are familiar insects in many parts of the United States. Lady beetles generally are beneficial predators that consume aphids, scale insects, and many other pests that injure plants in our gardens, landscapes, and agricultural settings. In , the "Ladybug" became Ohio's official state insect by resolution of the Ohio General Assembly 1. The multicolored Asian lady beetle MALB Figure 1 is native to Asia, where it is an important predator that feeds on aphids and other soft-bodied insects that dwell in trees.
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How to Manage Pests

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Large numbers of lady beetles ladybugs infesting homes and buildings in the United States were first reported in the early s. Ladybugs normally are considered beneficial since they live outdoors and feed on plant pests. Once inside they crawl about on windows, walls, attics, etc. In many areas of the U. The beetle is native to Asia e.
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The insects commonly known as ladybugs or ladybirds , in the UK and other English-speaking nations include a number of species from the Coccinellidae family. Ladybugs are the subject of nursery rhymes and are considered a good luck symbol by many. For example, the seven-spot ladybird, the most common species in Europe, is said to represent the seven joys and seven sorrows. The ladybug is often considered a symbol of the Virgin Mary in Christian culture. Ladybugs are not true bugs, but rather a group of some 6, small beetles that share a similarity in markings—orange or scarlet shells with black spots.
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Back to Predators Table of Contents. Lady beetles, ladybugs, or ladybird beetles are among the most visible and best known beneficial predatory insects. Over species are found in North America. Some are native and some have been introduced from other countries.
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